Air-Pressed Test Cell AirCell-HT

  • Compression hardware for single-cell testing
  • Suitable for high-temperature PEM fuel cells or electrolysers
  • Compression system uses pressurized gas
  • Fully controlled tightening force
  • Uniform force distribution


Research and development of fuel cells and electrolysers requires many experiments to be carried out under various conditions. Leancat AirCells offer repeatable and well-controlled conditions as well as high durability thanks to its robust and clean design.



Active Area:

4.8 cm2

Monopolar Plate Material:

High-density graphite or titanium

Base And Upper Plate Material:

Stainless steel

Max. Operating Pressure:

6 bar

Temperature Measurement:

2 thermocouples included

Fuel Compatibility:

H2, methanol, ethanol

Current-Collector Material:

Gold-coated copper

Max. Operating Temperature:

200 °C

Cell Heating:

2 cartridge heaters

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