Laboratory Electrolyzer Stack

  • Test hardware for multi-cell testing
  • Testing up to 5 cells at the same time.
  • Suitable for PEM or AEM electrolyzers
  • Possibility to pressurize up to 50 bar
  • Simple assembly and durable construction


Research and development of fuel cells and electrolysers requires many experiments to be carried out under various conditions. Leancat Electrolyzers laboratory stacks offer repeatable and well-controlled conditions as well as high durability thanks to its robust and clean design.


Number of cells:


Operating pressure hydrogen:

up to 50 bar(g)

Max. temperature:

up to 180°C

Gas connection type:

G 1/4“

Material of bipolar plate:

Titanium Grade 2

Thickness of bipolar plates:

3 mm

Active area:

25 cm2

Material of gasket:


Base and upper plates material:

Stainless steel

Operating pressure oxygen:

up to 50 bar(g)

Temperature sensors:

1 mm K-type thermocouples included

Material of current collectors:

Stainless steel

Flow field:


Type of gasket:


Thickness of gasket:

1,5 mm

CVM connectors:

Faston 2.8 mm

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